The Completion Process

The Completion Process is a revolutionary process
for healing any past hurt or present problem.

The Completion Process (CP) was created by Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst and personal transformation guide with extrasensory abilities. The process allows you to discover the root of your pain and to create resolution. It incorporates key features of inner child healing and shadow work. It makes you go really deeply in your subconscious mind and helps you expand your awareness about what happened in your life that made you feel the way you feel.

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The 18 steps of the Completion Process include:

  • Creation of a Safe Haven a first step to set up a totally safe mental space, where the child aspect of a painful memory is taken to once the original memory scene is resolved.
  • Validationgiving the painful emotion the message that we see it as valid.
  • Seeking Originasking, 'When was the first time I felt this feeling?' to connect to the root of it.
  • Awaiting Reliefinside the memory, letting the feeling naturally shift in the direction of relief.
  • ​Purification and Healing — a ritual for closing the memory of trauma and beginning a 'new life'.

The Completion Process helps you heal and transform all kinds of traumas, such as: addictions, depression, anxiety, stress, abandonment, sadness, loneliness, guilt, shame, powerlessness, self-hate, unworthiness, anger, fear, eating disorders, obesity, the pain of chronic illnesses, mood swings, PTSD and everything else that is the root of pain, discomfort and resistance in your life.

Curious about the Completion Process?

Watch this video by Teal Swan, the creator of CP!

The definition of trauma is a distress without resolution. With this understanding we know that everyone has experienced some kind of trauma. 

Even if our childhood seems perfect and happy, we might have a trauma caused by absolutely natural events, such as discomfort during our birth, first day at school, feeling unappreciated by one of our parents etc.
Going through The Completion Process repeatedly makes us feel more and more complete, fulfilled and full of energy. 

Some of the benefits of The Completion Process are:

  • increase of personal energy
  • ​​feeling more whole
  • ​improvement in social connections and interactions
  • ​increase of self-love
  • ​reduction of stress
  • ​increase in productivity
  • ​higher self-esteem
  • ​better sleep
  • ​removal of self-doubt
  • ​feeling uplifted
  • ​better self-image
  • ​coming back to regular eating habits.
  • increase of personal energy
  • feeling more whole
  • ​improvement in social connections and interactions
  • ​increase of self-love
  • ​reduction of stress
  • ​increase in productivity
  • higher self-esteem
  • ​​better sleep
  • ​removal of self-doubt
  • ​feeling uplifted
  • b​etter self-image
  • ​coming back to regular eating habits.

Let us make you feel complete again!


'I've done a lot of personal development courses, I've been to NLP seminars, I've done hypnotherapy, I've done a lot of things... The work with Karolina was unlike anything that I've ever done before... It was very deep. It brought up repressed memories that I didn't even know were there... Coming out of it, just the clarity, the freedom I feel not only in my mind, but how I'm feeling emotionally is huge.'

— Jordan D.

'I was feeling very low and the sense of unworthiness, the feeling like I'm not good enough and I need to prove to get love...
I feel like I practically reprogrammed myself. I feel powerful and I feel worthy of just existing and I look forward to spreading this... Highly recommend it. She is epic!'

— Elisa C.

'I've been on medication for the last 4 years that helps, but doesn't fully suppress the pain... I was sceptical of it, 'cause I've never really been exposed to this world... but I gave it a shot. Honestly, I haven't felt any pain in my feet since we've done that healing... Regardless of your situation, if you get the opportunity to have a healing with Karolina, do it and commit to it, because it will be the best decision you'll ever make.'

— Daniel B.

'I was blown away with how deep I was able to go... into my subconscious. She was able to hold the space and guide me through the modality and get down to the root of where these beliefs were being held. After the session it was pretty remarkable. I noticed progress where there wasn't any. It was almost like I had a dirty windshield on my car and she was able to help me wipe some of that clean to where I was able to gain some clarity.'

— Andrew R.

'We've done something that she calls Parts Integration, which was really cool. It was like having different parts of myself come together in harmony so I could actually achieve what I wanted in my life rather than them working against each other... [Karolina] just has so much knowledge... It's so cool to know that whatever the things that are holding me back, I know she will always have the tools to help me move through them.'

— Danielle F.S.

'In the past month since this healing I have not experienced jealousy in the same way I used to experience it... It’s been incredible to notice the change in myself and the change in a way that I react to situations, not with jealousy!'

— Cree L.

' Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was a bit nervous, also a bit fearful. But when I did the session with Karolina it was really great... I’ve been able to focus more, create more positive affirmations with myself, have more self-belief, my relationships have improved, my work ethic has improved. So if you have a chance to go work with Karolina, I highly recommend it!'

— Jerusha P.


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